The connection for WiFi or Bluetooth often drops, and the speed is slow, the 5G signal is unstable.

1. Can’t connect to Wifi at all, you might need to redownload the driver from support page and update it.

2. Wifi and Bluetooth often disconnect after connecting, and the game frequently drops the connection.

2-1. First, check the distance between your router and Mini PC. If they’re too far apart, especially if there are obstacles blocking the path, it can seriously weaken the signal strength. Try to keep the router and computer in the same room. If it’s not possible to have the router and Mini PC in the same room, a 2.5G signal may be more stable than a 5G signal. This is because the 2.5G signal has better wall-penetration capabilities. Although its download speed might be limited, it can effectively prevent disconnections during gaming.

2-2. Metal objects can block WiFi signals, so both routers and mini PCs should be kept away from metal items.

2-3. The computer is underpowered. Please ensure it’s connected to the original power adapter. Also, avoid connecting high-power USB devices, like wireless keyboards and mice, or external hard drive enclosures, to the USB ports for extended periods. If you need to connect these devices for a long time, consider buying a powered HUB or shorten the distance between the router and the mini PC.

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