The mouse and keyboard are unresponsive.

When clicking the mouse and keyboard, it often doesn’t respond. Sometimes it can type characters, and sometimes it can’t. Even after switching to other mice and keyboards, the problem still can’t be fixed. How should this be resolved?

This is usually due to insufficient power supply from the USB port. The total power supply of the USB port is limited. If your computer is connected to high-power devices, such as hard drive enclosures, charging phones or other devices, using USB wireless WiFi, or wireless mouse and keyboard, this may cause insufficient power supply to the USB port, leading to abnormal operation of USB devices.

You can reduce the number of USB devices, or connect USB devices to ports that are farther apart (like connecting one device to a front panel USB port and another to a back panel port, instead of plugging both into either the front or back panels). Wireless mice and keyboards require much more power than their wired counterparts. So, switching to wired mice and keyboards is a pretty good solution.

If you need to connect multiple high-power USB devices, like when we need to copy data from one portable hard drive to another, and at the same time, my device only has three USB ports, I have no choice but to plug the wireless keyboard and mouse dongle into the third port. In this case, the best solution is to buy a USB HUB with external power supply. Since it comes with an external power source, it can ensure that the devices connected to the USB HUB are adequately powered.

Sometimes, the issue of insufficient power supply can also affect Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. When the device is underpowered, your Wi-Fi might briefly disconnect. Normally, we might not notice it much because a short Wi-Fi disconnection and reconnection don’t really affect watching videos or browsing the web much. However, it could cause your games to disconnect. If you’re experiencing a similar issue, you can try the aforementioned method to troubleshoot it.

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