The reason for the blue screen memory management.

If your Win10 system crashes to a blue screen and the stop code is “MEMORY_MANAGEMENT,” then the first thing you should consider is an issue with the RAM.

So, how do you figure out if it’s really a problem with the RAM? The method is quite simple.

1. Download memtest 86, and upzip it.

2. Insert a flash disk to the computer and run imageUSB to make it to a memory test disk.

    3. insert the flash disk to the mini PC. And restart the mini PC.

    4. About 5 hours later, the test will be complete. If there is no problem of the RAM memory sticks, the result will be pass. The problem may from the system, you can reinstall the windows to fix the problem. If your computer has a separate video card, the blue screen failure may also come from the video memory. You may need to replace the video card or find the manufacturer to repair the computer.

    5-1. If the test result is failed. That means there is a RAM memory problem. You should replace the RAM memory sticks. If it has installed two sticks, you should install only one stick and test them one by one to find out which one is bad and replace the bad one.

    5-2. If the test result is failed, but the when you test them one by one and find all of them are passed. This shows that both memories are good, but not compatible with each other. Then you may need to use a single larger memory to replace them.

    Please let the seller to know the test result and he will know how to fix the problem for you.

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