Forced to use a work or school account.

When you first log into Windows or during the installation of Windows, you are forced to use a work or school account.You can follow the steps to solve the problem

1.Disconnect the LAN cable.

2.Press Ctrl+SHIFT+F3 to enter Windows through Audit mode.

3.Connect to WiFi, Update the Windows key and activate the computer.

4.disconnect the Wi-Fi.

5.After completing the above steps, select OOBE, restart. If you accidentally closed this window before doing so, you can restart your computer to return to Audit mode, and this window will reopen.

6.Choose OOBE, and after restarting, the computer will prompt you to select a language and set up Windows. During the setup, do not connect to the network, skip all steps, and choose ‘set for personal use’. After completing the initial setup, you can then access Windows normally.

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