How do I switch the video output signal to an RTX 3080 to get a higher resolution or refresh rate?

I’m sorry, but the TANK’s RTX 3080 graphics card can only provide graphic computing and does not support display output. Therefore, you cannot switch the video output signal to the RTX 3080. Forcibly uninstalling the Intel graphics card driver will cause your computer to be unable to display normally and boot into Windows. If you do this, you might need to reinstall Windows to fix the issue. Please do not disable the Intel graphics card’s video output in the BIOS, as it will not switch the computer’s output signal to the RTX 3080, but will cause the computer to be unable to display. If you have done this, you will need to follow the video tutorial to disassemble the mini PC and disconnect the BIOS battery to reset the BIOS to fix it.In fact, the display output of Intel’s DP and Thunderbolt 4 can now match that of the RTX3080, allowing you to achieve higher video output effects using these two interfaces.

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